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Sunday, 23 September 2007

The Yew Tree Inn

Marco Pierre White’s restaurant. At least one of them as I hear he has a few. He's not a man I know much about but I had heard the name and he’s been on TV quite a lot recently (or so I hear). I was invited to try the delights and went along with a relatively open mind. I’m no connoisseur of posh places so I was somewhat sceptical. Still, I looked at the website during the week and tried to pick out what I’d choose off the menu, but without much success. It ALL looked nice.

Anyway after a rather long and windy drive to the restaurant we arrived in good time and made our way to the entrance. Who was by the doorway but the man himself. Not that I recognised him. I thought everyone was pulling my leg when they said it was him (I am known for being quite gullible!) but later on we saw him again and I conceded that it must be him; particularly when we heard the waiting staff talking about Marco’s Table.

The food was amazing – far better than I had expected – and the company even more so. We had some good chats, but the one distraction was the fact that Marco was about. Later we realised Paul Young was there too. The main funny thing about Marco’s Table was his young companion – perhaps his son? – who spent the majority of their meal with his head on the table and his chair pushed out into the walk space so that all the men had to ask him to move in order to reach the Gents.