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Sunday, 31 August 2008


For those of you who read my blog regularly, you'll know I've been suffering from a worsening food allergy that seemed to appear from nowhere. Well, here's an update: it's gone!

Yes, I couldn't believe it either but there you go. Annoyingly Mr Tigerlily mentioned the solution a good 6 months ago, but I ignored him, believing that I knew better. I was wrong. Yes, Mr Tigerlily, that's right I WAS WRONG. The answer was so simple: stop taking The Pill. I started on that particular brand almost exactly 4 weeks before the allergies started becoming a big problem. Now, four weeks after stopping The Pill, the allergies have vanished!

So all I can say is, Thank you Mr Tigerlily for harping on about your idea because now I'm back to 100% health!

Saturday, 16 August 2008

A little bento for my love

It's been a while since I put some effort into lunch so this week I went all out when I found this bento box I'd found. I don't know why I bought it. It must have been spur of the moment because I bought it about 3 years ago and until now have never used it!

So as you can see there are lots of little compartments which keep the different dishes nice and separate. Starting from the top left: homemade gyoza pork dumplings (steamed) on spring onions with pickled ginger in between, Sauted mushrooms in sake, soy sauce and ginger sprinkled with sesame seeds, sweet chilli sauce (hot), Sliced tomato with olives, Coconut rice.

Only problem was I didn't make myself one!

Monday, 11 August 2008

Wedding cheat

Ok ok so I've been a bit obsessed with wedding preparations.
However there is getting to be little left to prepare for! So far we've organised: the ceremony, reception, my dress and as of yesterday, the flowers. Yes I know that flowers bought yesterday won't last until April. I realise that. But they will if they are silk! Hooray. It's cheating I know, but it'll be much easier to match up the bridesmaid dresses with them and I just LOVE them. I couldn't resist. I wonder how many people will notice they're not real when we get hitched?!

Blueangel Craft Group Rises again

So after careful consideration I've arranged another craft meeting for the 18th September. I can't wait. There's a lovely little hall for it to be held in. Send me a message with your email if you want details.

This time we're going to make a tag book. These are so easy to make! I can't wait to teach again. Later on we're going to make a hardbacked memory book. It'll be great!

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Blueangel crafts

During the last few months work has been quiet so I thought I would fill my evenings with something I love: crafting. Inspiration hit to start my own scrapbooking/craft meeting each month to share ideas and meet some more people who live locally with similar interests. So Blueangel crafts was born.

I spent many hours preparing craft kits, making ads, I even paid a friend to make me a logo etc. The big night came... and I was sorely disappointed. Only 5 people turned up, and of those only one was really serious about crafting. The other four had never made anything before. I almost wept with disappointment as I'd worked so hard to plan the 'perfect' meeting.

In hindsight the night was really great fun. The people who were there were a real laugh, which is the main point, I guess. Plus since then there have been loads of enquiries so perhaps I'll take the plunge and book myself some more sessions. Next time I might even break-even!

Leaving a job

Leaving my school wasn't going to be too bad, I thought. Anyway it was miles off. Shortly after that it was the last few days already. Everyone was really kind and I got this sick-feeling in the pit of my stomach of how ungrateful I'd been to all these lovely people. What was I doing leaving this great place?
Then I got stuck on my commute to work again. A mere 2.5 hrs after leaving for work I arrived, having travelled 18 miles. Rubbish. THIS is why I had to change jobs. But how do you explain that to your yr8 students (13 yr olds) who are asking you why you're leaving THEM. Not the school: THEM. I actually felt like a grown-up and like a proper teacher for the first time. Weird how that happens a couple of years into teaching. I had begun to wonder if it would ever happen.
We all know that there are other great kids out there and other nice places to work, but it's a shame this is not normally appreciated until you find yourself in a bad place. Fingers crossed I don't find myself in one of those places next term.

Getting Old

Never have I thought of myself as particularly hip or cool. I've just plodded along doing what I fancy and never being a slave to peer pressure etc. (at least that how I felt) Anyway HTB (hubby to be) and I had a week off at home, since we're saving up for our big day. I'd imagined days of lazing in front of the tv, eating junk and staying up late i.e. pretending we're students for a week. But no. Instead we had an exciting week of kitchen painting, mattress buying and visiting relatives. It sounds dire, and yet, at the time it was boring at all. It was only when we talked about what his colleagues will think when he goes back after a week off. No wild nights out getting smashed, dancing, going to cool bars and nightclubs. Oh no.

Is this what getting old is? Is this how life gets? I was really excited about the new colour of the kitchen walls! Please help, I need to regress!

It has been a while

Yes indeed I have been neglecting my beloved blog. I cannot fathom how almost 4 months have passed since my last post but much has happened:
1. I'm engaged! So that has taken up a lot of my time
2. I've finished at my school and am ready to start my new post in a few weeks time
3. I've become addicted to crafting: card making, scrapbooking and digital scrapbooking. I never knew photoshop would be sooooo addictive. I am currently dreaming of digital layouts.

So that explains a lot, really. Now there's just the fuss of getting everything together for the Big Day without offending too many people. Everyone's been really kind and offered lots of help which is great. I'm sure there'll be some fireworks somewhere but that seems to be par for the course from what I've heard. Who knew this is where my life would be!