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Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Back from der Schweiz!

Hoooray I am back from Switzerland
It was a hectic weekend but great nonetheless. It'd been 3 years since I'd seen my friend and we spent a lot of time chatting and catching up. Swizterland is a really great city and we had fun going around some shops and sightseeing. Naturally shopping became our priority!
On the Sunday we stayed in a looked at photos etc. We also decorated each other's hands with henna. (As you can see in the photo) It looked quite faint when we washed off the paste but the next day it had darkened a great deal.
The cute cat in the photo is my friends cat. She's really tiny compared to Liam and I think they'd make a great couple!
Now I am back home and it's raining and I am dreaming of the fun times I had at the weekend. Later this week I have exciting things like a revision class to run and some filing to do. Still, it's good to relax rather than be getting up at the crack of dawn for work...

Saturday, 19 May 2007

Time ticks on

Apart from the few posts I have put on here today, it's been ages since I've been on here. At first I thought there has not been nothing happening but that is not quite true. It's a week before half term - a whole week off.
This week has been hectic as I had a last minute cover on a school trip to the Black Country Museum. It was really good; far better than I remember. Plus I got to know some year 8s. We had good fun winding them up and telling them off for videoing us with their phones. Honestly, how did we all live before mobiles?
Actually I have a bit of a confession... I bought a new phone. It's a Sony Ericson v200i. It's orange and black and so pretty. Plus it is an mp3 player and radio too! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How strange

I've been thinking of this tune for a long time. I heard it at a funeral last year, sung by a choir. It was so beautiful. Oddly a few days later I heard Westlife (who I don't normally like) had released it as a single. You can see the video here.
I associate the tune with this person and their death, which is funny because Westlife's video is all about a wedding. This version is not as good as the choir one at the service but it's best I have found on the net so far.

Jose Mourinho

For a while I have been looking for this song as it made me laugh a lot on the way to work one day. As I was watching the interviews after the FA Cup Final I stupidly realised I should have looked on Google. D'oh! Anyway I've downloaded it and it's still very funny. You can listen to the song here.