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Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Has the whole school gone crazy?

It always amuses me when the weather gets sunny. The British are so used to grey, drizzly weather that as soon as the sun pokes its way through the clouds we become fixated by it. Everywhere you look people start dressing in brighter colours, smiling and generally cheering up a great deal. What would happen if we had hot weather all year round? I suppose we’d become used to it and take it for granted. It’s much better to have it as a treat.
The only objection I have to the hot weather is the effect it has on my classes. They traipse in looking like they’ve been fully dressed through a grass-lined tumble-dryer. Ties hanging by their bellies, skirts rolled up and shirts open as if they’ve been to the beach during lunchtime. This is all very well but for some reason the way they’re dressed has a huge effect upon their attitude to learning. You start getting comments like “but Miss it’s too hot to work!” and “do we have to wear our ties?!” The biggest problem with this is that I too am over-heating in a computer room with no air, windows that are barely able to be opened and thick sticky sweat smells. Delightful. I’ve a good mind to tell them all to go home and relax but that probably wouldn’t go down well with SLT.
Instead I have to revert to Miss Tough-Enough and push forward with the work. Perhaps a little bit of rain wouldn’t go amiss after all…

Monday, 4 June 2007

Miserable weather Monday

It’s funny how half term seems a distant memory already! It’s only been 6 hours! Haha. Never mind. It’s been good to get back into my ‘normal’ routine and get going with a lot of projects that I’ve never had time to complete before. Progress has been made. It’s really exciting to think about starting the second year of my career and not having to do everything from scratch like I did this year. I spent approximately one entire day filing over half term so everything looks lovely and will make it easier. Now there’s just the decision about where to keep them: at home or school?

Anyhow, on a completely different note: There is exciting news in my garden…my first batch of strawberries is almost ripe! I’ll get some photos as soon as I can to post and show off. They are little ruby coloured beauties!! Shame I’m not eating strawberries any more but it’s still fun to grow them. I’ve decided it’s too risky to keep eating strawberries as it used to take an entire punnet to make my lips swell up but it’s become fewer and fewer and now just one or two makes them tingle. It’s a bit scary to think I could go into anaphylactic shock if it keeps becoming a more and more serious intolerance.