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Saturday, 19 May 2007

Time ticks on

Apart from the few posts I have put on here today, it's been ages since I've been on here. At first I thought there has not been nothing happening but that is not quite true. It's a week before half term - a whole week off.
This week has been hectic as I had a last minute cover on a school trip to the Black Country Museum. It was really good; far better than I remember. Plus I got to know some year 8s. We had good fun winding them up and telling them off for videoing us with their phones. Honestly, how did we all live before mobiles?
Actually I have a bit of a confession... I bought a new phone. It's a Sony Ericson v200i. It's orange and black and so pretty. Plus it is an mp3 player and radio too! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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