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Sunday, 7 September 2008

Soft shell crab

I was treated a delicious meal by my love a few weeks ago at a posh place called The Thai Terrace. It was a great meal, and the star of the meal was... soft shell crabs.
I'd seen them cooked on tv and they looked interesting. I can't say tasty because it went against my better judgement to eat the shell of the crab when I am so used to prising the little morsels out of the shells with regular crabs.
I took the plunge and wasn't disappointed. They were so tasty! I was so inspired that I made it my mission to hunt down some soft shell crabs of my own to cook. They were in my local Thai food shop so I bought them, defrosted them, and then panicked! How do you prepare them?!
A little research on the internet revealed that you need to remove the gills and some dark stuff. So I did that and then prepared a light batter to fry them in. They smelt amazing. The taste? Dreadful! I'd clearly not removed enough of their insides! The best part of them was their legs that were crabby and delicious. The rest tasted like a bucket of sand.
Another attempt is required, I think!

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