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Saturday, 2 May 2009

And it's all over...

It's all done. April was a.... interesting month. Our wedding was amazing and went really smoothly. I can't thank everyone enough who attended.

There was the house move too, 6 days afterwards. That was great. Busy but we're so glad we're here now.

Then there's the baby. Starting to grow an ickle bump but nothing that anyone else can notice. Just makes my jeans hurt. Then it turns out I'd been doing too much and got pretty scared last weekend and at the beginning of the week thinking the baby was trying to abandon ship. Saw the doc and luckily it turned out that it was more a warning than actual abandonment. Hurray.

Well, sort of. It has resulted in me spending ALL day EVERY day lying around doing nothing. No one I say that to is remotely sympathetic. I've had comments like "oh you poor thing!" dripping with sarcasm and many an envious comment. Seriously, if you've just moved into a new house, are surrounded by boxes and then you're told not to unpack or lift a single one of them but to sit surrounded by them, see how fun you find it.

Daytime tv is utter rubbish. There's a reason to get well soon. Fortunately I've been soooo tired that I have been sleeping all day and all night every day so there's no time for getting too fed up of the tosh that's on tv. I could never sit at home and watch that sh*t all day. Oddly, I'm not feeling particularly better. It's like there's a fog over my head. My lovely other half has diagnosed that I have clearly slept too much. Whatever. I wish we could swap bodies and then he'd be sorry.

Anyway I am really happy that it's May. Only a few weeks til we go on honeymoon to Nice and it really couldn't come soon enough!

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