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Sunday, 23 November 2008

Cakes and fish pie

Sunday already. The week has gone in a flash and what have I got to show for it? A lot of greeting cards.

That's about it. So I thought I should do something productive and my fiance joined me. He made this amazing fish pie with 4 kinds of fish/seafood in it. He doesn't usually cook often but this weekend he has excelled himself. I love this fishpie. Now I can never make a fishpie again because it would never turn out as lovely as the ones he makes.

To match his good work I have made lots of fairy cakes. They were going to be butterfly cakes but then I found my sugar strands in the cupboard and butterflies were forgotten! I also used up my lovely jelly diamonds. They look slightly sinister on these cakes but, having taste tested them (just to check that they are ok, of course!) I can assure you they are a tasty treat rather than something to pick off the top and hide under a napkin politely when I am not looking.

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