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Saturday, 7 February 2009

Snow really...!

Yes as we all know it's been snowing. It's been an odd week as I only managed to make it into work on Wednesday & Friday so it's been disjointed and catching up mostly.
Now it's the weekend and it's still icy. I will add photos at a later date as I took about 80 on Monday!!

I've been caught up in wedding preparations. I'm keen not to be bridezilla but it's amazing how much time you waste on ridiculous pointless things, such as um-ing and ah-ing over table flowers, or what earrings would look good, and what the 'ideal' shoes would be. So I have sort of given up on those things. I bought a pair of earrings that are pretty, but not too wild so I can wear them again, I bought a tiara that looks fine but didn't cost over £100 (which was the price of my next favourite), picked a plain wedding ring, got a spontaneous honeymoon booked to Malaysia and I got the first pair of shoes that looked ok on.

Most of these decisions have worked out fine. The shoes are beginning to make me panic. They are sooo high. Anyone who knows me, knows I am a flat shoe girl 100% of the time (except for the odd posh do where I am forced into a low kitten heel). These shoes are about 4" high. I think I will be mostly falling over on our wedding day...

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