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Sunday, 5 July 2009


Hurrah hurrah am preparing for my lovely new additions to the family: chickens! Finally I've bought a coop which we put together last weekend. I now need to paint it, build a run and get all the other bits of equipment we'll need.
Hubby couldn't complain at the price of the coop as it was a total bargain - £32 off eBay and it's brand new! So I've bought some lovely blue paint and I'm going to paint it, make a sign for the door and add a few other additions and we'll nearly be ready.
Am planning to get the chickens in August as that will give me time to get everything sorted out but the weather should still be fine enough for them to settle in nicely before the winter. Yipee!!!!

1 comment:

Han said...

congrats cate! chickens and a bumpy chicklet woooooo xxxx