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Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Cheddar Gorge

Yesterday we had a school trip to Cheddar Gorge. It was absolutely beautiful and the kids really enjoyed the experience. It’s the place where Cheddar cheese originated and in May they are going to start producing ‘cave-matured’ cheese, which is something they used to do in the 1940s but back then there were fewer ways to keep rodents and bats out of the cheese. They are going to use lasers to ensure the cheese is kept hygienic. The kids went wild and climbed all over the place.
It was a rather long day… we didn’t get home until 5.30pm and it was more than 2 hours each way. Harder than a regular day at work! Still, it made a nice change from being in the classroom.
The kids had a right laugh and they spent the most time in the gift shop buying horrendously tacky gifts using their parents’ hard-earned cash! The most popular thing was sweets and plastic skulls. Nice.


mark said...

Cheese and Lasers. Why did I think of that - it's genius. Looks like a cool place - glad you had a nice time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cate!
Liam's gorgeous! Just like the real Liam was gorgeous in yr 7.
Hope u had a good bday!
Love han xxxxxxxxx

blueangel said...

Liam is gorgeous, thanks Han!