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Friday, 16 February 2007

Middle of Feb already

So here is a photo (as requested) of Disneyland Paris. As you can see, it was not the best weather but it was a laugh. No other photos are really suitable as they have students etc. sadly but all I can say is don't believe the brochure!

It's been half term this week and there was a short visit to see lil sis in Cambridge which was fun. We went to a formal dinner and had to dress up and be served by lovely looking waiters and waitresses. We also saw some relatives etc. in nearby Newmarket. Already it's Friday and half way through February when it feels only a short time since Christmas.

Today I went to see the film Hot Fuzz. It sounds rather like the name for a porn film but it's not. It's a BRILLIANT comedy. This site has photos, synopsis and trailer. If you get the opportunity go and see it! It exceeded my expectations - it's not often that I laugh so loud in the cinema that everyone looks at me. This film has everything: guns, comedy (British humour), action. it's just hilarious. Anyway, enough babbling about this fantastic film.... until next time.


mark said...

Thanks for the photo. Hot Fuzz? I'm GREEN with envy. Dark Forrest Green. I so want to see that movie and so do some of my friends. We've been watching the trailer for months now. The possiblity that it won't even make it to my market has me worried. I'm glad you liked it, but I'm completely jealous.

Jenny said...

So jealous I could spit. If Hot Fuzz doesn't make it here in Houston I'm chartering a bus to where ever you are.

A bus that um...floats...obviously.

blueangel said...

I'll be taking orders for DVDs when it comes out then. They might even do them in the right region for you guys.