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Friday, 9 February 2007

The wanderer has returned…

Disneyland Paris was a great trip although blimmin’ cold. I also gained a new nickname: McMullen! It’s become a favourite now amongst staff and students alike. Although the park is aimed at 3-9 year olds there were a few fast rides and we saw a great stunt show as well as the Lion King (3 times, one of which was in French!). Since returning school has been good – particularly with the addition of some snow yesterday! The whole country went mad with only 3 inches of snow – schools closed, roads were ice rinks and everyone was very put out when our school remained open!! Hopefully I’ve got enough stuff to scrapbook so that I can add a few pages to my collection.

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mark said...

Disneyland Paris?! Sweet. The snow must have been fun. Going to show us any photos?