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Monday, 9 July 2007

Brotherly Love?

Today I had a particularly mean incident happen at school. Two kids decided to take it upon themselves to “decorate” another kid’s school bag while he was out the room when I turned my back. Obviously I was suspicious something was up but I thought I’d removed all the offensive items they could fiddle with. One of the kids was picking on his own brother!
Now, I’m all for keeping family close, but I am not sure that brothers being in the same class are a good thing. They can gang up on others when they are together if they are identical or they may well fight. I didn’t even realise these boys were related until about a term had passed – I stupidly didn’t click that their surname is the same! But as soon as I did notice it was clear as to why I hadn’t: they could not be more different.
Their time in the classroom together is spent in one of two ways… either ignoring each other or making little comments. Plus when there’s anything physical involved it seems different as I am sure brotherly relationships change the rules slightly on those sorts of issues.
However maybe it needs to be judged on a case by case basis. Some twins and siblings I’ve had in the same class have been nothing but a joy to teach. I just hope that these brothers don’t damage their future relationship by falling out too much now.
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