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Monday, 16 July 2007

Race for Life

Many of the staff at school signed up for Race for Life around Easter time. I thought “what the heck? Might as well…” As time went on I forgot all about it until suddenly last week it dawned on me that it was on the 15th July! Got up bright and early on Sunday morning, donning a delightful pair of leggings, school t-shirt and my old school trainers and dashed off to Reading. What a big event!
Obviously I knew that it’s a national thing but I hadn’t expected to see quite so many women all ready to race. My friend and I were chatting during the warm-up when she commented on the fact that she was surprised there were so few men taking part. I thought she was joking! Turns out she’d forgotten it’s women only!! It gave us a giggle nonetheless.
5km doesn’t sound a long distance. I was separated from the running crew so I ended up in the walking section. Easy, thought I, a little stroll around Prospect Park and back for a slap-up BBQ. It was a nice walk, and at the end I did a little sprint (to justify the ‘race’ part of the event) but there was a big hill. It’s hard to get up a big hill whilst chatting non-stop, I discovered. Or maybe I’m just not as fit as I had originally thought!

Still, it’s done now and it’s time to start harassing people for the sponsorship money they offered on my form. Always a good conversation starter…

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SnowGoose said...

Well done you!! Doesn't matter if you walked it, it's the thought and effort (and sponsorship!) that counts :)