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Monday, 16 July 2007

School Musical

Last week there was a great deal of excitement throughout the school. There was the summer production of a certain (recently) famous Disney made-for-tv movie. Kids of all ages became like little Duracell bunnies, chattering and bouncing away non-stop. Out of pure nosiness I went to see it. I was blown away. I never knew there were such talented kids at the school. Weirdly I only knew about 5 of the kids out of around 80 that were involved. I was so impressed that I helped out on the final night. Among the drama queens, guys that think they’re the hottest thing ever and the giggling girls there were a lot of professionals! They did their part and really threw themselves into it. I stood by, watching like a proud parent!!
My colleague who organised the whole thing has absolutely amazed me. How did she know how to do this? Where did she get the energy from to keep this going?
It was a really great end to the year, marred only slightly by the fact that Sports Day has been postponed. Not that I am complaining because I never fancied sitting on a soggy field trying to entertain loads of kids who’d prefer to be wandering about than penned in.

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