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Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Gym guilt

I've done a lot over the holidays: seeing family, tiling, gardening, making cards, cooking etc. yet there is one thing I haven't done. Going to the gym is like my nemesis it seems. When I joined I thought the guilt of wasting all that money would spur me on but I was wrong. Instead I just get a massive amount of guilt even though I've been doing some exercise. It's just not been at the gym. We've been walking!

It's been really great to go out in the countryside and see the land surrounding us. I didn't realise how remotely we live. Although it's just 10 minutes to a town, it feels like we're in the middle of nowhere when we go for a walk. So although the guilt is still there, at least I know I am not turning into a massive ball of fat. There is more to me than that!

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Adam said...

Hi hun, I used to visit a gym it was great for a while but just not compatible with the rest of my life. I found that going to the gym made me healthier but I fell behind in social circles and my chores, so now I try and do chores and socialise whilst doing healthy stuff - eg, walk/run with friends or do lotsa ironing until I start to sweat :)

Nice blog hun, hope all is well your end.