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Sunday, 13 April 2008

So Surrey dahrling

Half way through the holidays. I'd like to say I've been dedicated to tiling and painting the kitchen as I'd promised myself and Mr Tiger Lily (Mr TL). Sadly this is not what has happened. Everywhere I've looked there've been distractions: Bluewater, friends, shopping, crafts, gardening. Anyway THIS week I WILL finish tiling the kitchen and hopefully paint it too.

This week has been strange, particularly in relation to how I'm getting on now I live in Surrey. Mr TL often has hire cars for work and I consider myself his official car tester. This week he had a Nissan X Trail 4x4. Now I loath 4x4s. I think they should be banned from our roads because I can see no benefit in them compared to regular family cars.

Living in Surrey I am surrounded by 4x4s. I usually feel like the poor relation because I drive a small car and am swamped by these huge beasts that are (and this is a giant generalisation) driven by silly women who don't know how big their car is. They drive right in the centre of the road so I have to swerve, block out the sunlight from my windscreen and generally drive me mad.

However, here we were with our own 4x4 to drive about in for 24 hours! I thought it would be fitting to put on my wellies (tres Surrey, dahrling!!)and go for a walk in the Surrey countryside. Zooming about in the car I finally felt like a Surrey person!

Just to note, I am NOT converted to 4x4s. I think they're rubbish and to be honest they arent even that big on the inside. They are just big for the sake of being big and should have huge taxes put on them, or preferably they should be banned. I can't see how we would be missing anything without them.

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