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Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Naughty cat

On Sunday morning I couldn't sleep. At 5.30 am I got and started watching a film while I did some card making. I thought at least I could be practical since I couldn't sleep. Liam, my cat, was purring around me. I would have been flattered by I knew he was just after food. It was too early to feed him or he'd be after more food by 9am, so I ignored him.

In a strop he dashed upstairs to try his luck with Mr TL. Fat chance, since Mr TL sleeps like a log! So in response to this Liam decided to communicate his disgust the only way he knows how. He pooed on the bed. As if this was not enough he decided to then be sick next to it. Mr TL woke up to see a retching cat right next to him! It's probably for the best that he did wake up though as it would only have been a matter of time before he rolled onto it!!

Ah pets, aren't they just the best?!


Multifuncional said...

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Hannah T said...

Heyloo! You've gone from facebook, what's happened?! I just made this cake

and thought of you! The fruit is well and truly boiled! Is very very moist and delish. Only needs 2 large oranges. Can't remember if you're allergic to eggs, apologies if you are.

Hope you're happy and well my dear. Am moving to london YIPEEEEE less commute! xxxxx

Rob Wells said...

Hey You, how you doing?

I just found a place to check my e mails.
Ive only been here two weeks and I'm thinking about getting back to reality already. How are things? You still working hard?

Was down at the Goldy yesterday. Catching a few bombs with some guys from New Zealand and UK. DUDE!! HA HA HA...........The water was soooooooooo warm. Surf was good sun was out and it was 29 degrees. Not bad for Autumn. Then it was off to spend the arvo supping a tinny or 5. Ive now grown the obligatory goatee beard and have not been out of my flip flops- er sorry-thongs, or board shorts since i got here.

Havin a big barbie on Sunday........ wish you were here. I will send you some photos of my surf trip when the disc comes through.

Take care for now.

Love and best wishes.

Rob. xx