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Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Maybe things don’t change

Yesterday I went on a course about being a tutor and having students in your care etc. It was quite interesting but fast-paced which was tough going after a hard morning teaching! But the weird thing was that although we were all grown people being taught, there was still one person who kept talking the whole time the instructor was talking! It really annoyed me because we all knew, as teachers, how irritating it is when students talk over you. I just about managed to hold my tongue but it was a close thing. So after all that time, even though I was surrounded by adults, there were still childish people. Perhaps growing up so straight forward!

Other news... amazingly the lamp is still working. My spirits are (relatively) high. I LOVE this little piece of modern technology.

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mark said...

Unfortunately, some people will never grow up. Glad to hear the lamp is working!