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Monday, 8 October 2007

Addicted to YouTube

Last night I spent around 2 hours on YouTube. I am not one of these people who spends that much time just surfing about for no reason online but I was tired of watching rugby – I’d been present for 3 matches previously. Since I cannot access YouTube at work I took the opportunity to look up all those music videos I’d wanted to see or I’d heard about on the radio. It’s amazing how fast time can fly. It’s also amazing how good the quality of the video clips can be.

Music is a truly unique medium. Just the opening lines of a song can take you right back into a moment. A memory or a feeling can wash over you when you hear something that you associate with that thought or emotion. Why was I spending all this time on something that some might argue is pointless? Well, I was trying to compile my top 20 songs ever because really I should be able to answer the question without too much thought. The trouble is I have a big CD collection and my love of music goes far beyond my personal collection. The idea, originally, was to decide on my favourite song EVER, but that proved almost impossible. So I extended this to my top 5, then my top 10 then my top 20. Even then I am finding it tough to fit all the songs I love into that tiny category.

Songs on my list so far (in no particular order) are:
Authority Song by Jimmy Eat World
Winter by Tori Amos
’74-’75 by The Connells
Something by Matchbox 20 and Oasis

….oh I don’t know anymore! I can’t even think of songs because there are just too many zooming around my head. I’ll have to come back to this list.

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