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Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Random 20 tunes I like

Ok so this top 20 tunes thing is driving me to distraction. Just now I sat down and thought I would write a list of 20 songs I like. This list took me about 5 minutes put together and I haven't even stood up to look at my CD collection yet for inspiration! I've not really thought about my favourite tunes, this is more a long-list before I start short-listing!!!!

(in no particular order)
Kelly clarkson – because of you
Lamb – Gabriel
Christina Aguilera – hurt
Counting crows – Omaha
Oasis –slide away (live at Glastonbury ’95 version ideally but any live version is great)
Matchbox 20 – 3am
Evanescence - tourniquet
Hard-Fi – stars of cctv
Tori amos – winter
Robbie Williams – misunderstood
Paul weller – bang bang
Jimmy eat world – authority song
Hurricane #1 – step into my world
David Gray - say hello, wave goodbye (link to this is not the original but it's ok)
Ben Folds Five - Brick
Natalie imbruglia – Beauty on the Fire
Simon & Garfunkel – the boxer
Linkin Park – Valentine’s Day (?)
Mariah carey – without you (don't ask!)
Stereophonics – billy davies daughter
Maybe I should focus on a top 100 songs list?!


mark said...

I'm sorry to say I've only heard a handful of those songs though I know most of the artists.

blueangel said...

That's why I put a link on each of them. Have a listen and lemme know what ya think.