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Monday, 8 October 2007

A quiet weekend

You know you’re tired when the week just draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaags. To be fair it was a busy week last week. On Monday the school had ‘Open Evening’ which was ok but quite a long day – I ended up doing about a 13 hour day. Then on the Thursday we took a group of kids (4 coaches worth) to France for the day – this was another ridiculously looooong day – about a 17 hour day. I was dreading that day but it turned out to be great. I really loved spending some quality time with my tutees and it was fantastic weather so that helped.

However by the weekend I was shattered. I ended up sleeping for a daft proportion of the time and then feeling rubbish on Sunday night that I had not done anything tangible this weekend. It was quite frustrating. I did manage to get boring things done but I cannot wait for the holidays. Thank goodness for half term. It’s silly that I’m annoyed about that though because this weekend I did exactly what I promised myself I would do: as little as possible.

Most of my ‘quiet weekends’ of late have turned into mass social events with little time to sit around or be lazy. Take the weekend before: quiet Friday night, nooooo I went out for dinner with some friends. Saturday lie-in, nooooooo MOT and then dinner with other friends, Sunday lazy trip into town, noooooooooo lots of wandering about and then tonnes of school work. So you see, my plans just never quite come together. Until now. Yet here I am on Monday morning feeling like I could do with a couple of days off!

My only consolation… only 9 more teaching days til half term!

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