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Sunday, 25 November 2007

Goosey goosey

Friday was a first. I cooked a goose. Oddly I sort of fell into it so I wasn’t too worried. It wasn’t until it got into the oven that it started panicking about what the daft thing would taste like.

It started last weekend when we went shopping and saw that it was only £14.99 for a goose. We thought we’d give it a whirl. Or rather ‘we’ thought ‘we’ would like to eat one but it was just me that controlled cooking the birdie… anyway, it sat on top of the fridge defrosting for two days and then we thought we should put it in the fridge since it probably wasn’t going to last until Friday in the open air. I had read on the internet that it’s a good idea to prick the skin and let the bird sit in the open in the fridge for a couple of days to dry out the skin so it goes nice and crispy. What a stooopid idea. The fridge reeked for the rest of the week; in the end I had to get BF to open the fridge and get my soya milk out for breakfast it was that bad.

Friday arrived and I dashed back from work ready to throw the bird in the oven when I decided to change the recipe. I originally planned to cook it plain but with a rice and shitake mushroom stuffing. Instead I opted for the Radio Times recipe of the week involving lime zest and juice, honey and 5 spice. Meanwhile I had mislaid the piece of paper that I’d written the instructions which meant a phone call begging for help from Mum.

Three hours later and the goose was ready to eat! To be honest I was shattered by that point but it was nice. I enjoyed the leftovers even more the next day. Definitely going to have another goose for lunch on Christmas Day now I know how to do it!

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