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Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Boxing Day Blues… NOT

Hooray for Boxing Day the shops are open again! Had a great Xmas day with the family – a few hairy moments with people not communicating too well but overall great fun. It was a bit unusual this year as there was just the 5 of us instead of the masses.
My Mother had gone all out in terms of provisions so we cooked up a delicious goose feast. There were home grown brussel sprouts and parsnips as well as home made desserts. Yum. Then after eating we settled down for some classy tv watching. Nice.
I was a little disappointed as I really wanted a Nintendo DS for Xmas but there were none to be had. A shame but there you go. So first thing today I thought I would have a little look online and low and behold there was one in Argos! Therefore I am getting ready to go and pick it up and I am about to explode as I am so excited. I love Boxing Day!!!!!!!!


Snuffleupagus said...

I hope you are enjoying the break - much needed as it was!!

blueangel said...

Thanks - You know how it feels!!