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Monday, 10 December 2007

Moving update

Nearly moved everything out of my flat now! It seemed like there was so much stuff that my flat would never be empty. Fortunately with lots of help from friends and family my flat is looking soooo big and empty. It’s so sad to think I’m leaving it now. It was my first real home after leaving my parents.
On the other hand my new place is much nicer purely because it’s not rented. It’s been cared for in a different way and it’s not got weird pointy corners (although those have grown to be quite endearing in the old place!)
So Saturday was about shifting stuff and Sunday became about clearing stuff, cleaning the oven and fridge. The place has never been so clean and shiny! By Sunday night I was soooo tired, but luckily we didn’t sink into a pit of fatigue. Instead we met up with some friends and had a nice dinner in town.
All that remains to be done is getting rid of the futon, moving a few kitchen items and vacuuming. Voila la!
Talking of the futon; how amazing is Freecycle?! I was recommended it by a friend and I am soooo impressed. I put an ad on there on Saturday evening and already I have had three or four requests for it. How simple is that! Love it although I am getting the feeling that it might be a bit addictive.

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