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Wednesday, 19 December 2007


Last week I watched a tv show called The End of the World Cult about a man called Michael Travesser (born Wayne Bent) who believes he’s the son of Christ and predicted that the world would end on 31st October this year. The show, on C4, just let them tell their story. It was a very disturbing show. There were young girls saying how they felt compelled to get naked with this man who is in his sixties so that they would be closer to God. Many of the people had left members of their family to be close to this man, and it had torn parents away from their children. Members of the group had to give all they have (worldly possessions etc) to Michael. Marriages had been ruined, and Michael had even slept with his son’s wife a number of times, in the name of religion; despite this his son remains a devout believer. However, the most disturbing thing was the way the people in the cult talked about how they were looking forward to dying when the world ended. They were anxious and on edge and didn’t seem to be enjoying their lives at all. It was very sad.
The film crew made the documentary during October so they saw the people’s reactions to deadline Michael had given them. They seemed to be all over the place and not surprisingly a touch hysterical. A few weeks later the film crew returned to see what Michael made of the world NOT ending on the 31st. His followers were still loyal and he had made a new date for the world to end: 15th December 2007. Again, he seems to have got it wrong since we’re all still here. When will these people stop believing him?


Esther said...

Hello blueangel,

You asked when we would ever stop believing Michael. I thought I would answer your question for you. NEVER.

I am one of the souls that God has chosen to be with Michael. I am one of the young women that was in the film that Ben Anthony did. I have found in Michael all that my soul could need. My heart has found it's resting place and I can swear to you, this is the Son of God.

You might like to read on this site. We have started it with the purpose of clearing the smoke and lies that were told about us in the documentary.

blueangel said...

How is the world after it ended after Decemeber the 15th then?

Esther said...

Hello blueangel,

It is wonderful. :) Actually, Michael NEVER said that the world would end on the 15th of December. He NEVER said it would end on the 31st of October. This call was made by the filmmaker, totally fabricated out of his desire to create something sensational.

In our personal experiences a very great shift happened on the 15th of December. And it looks to me that the world did end on that day in a very real sense. God sent our story into the faces of the all the world and it is bringing many to a bloody end. Many are consumed in their hate for us and I am watching souls in the earth die.

God is asking each soul, "What do you think of my Son?" As each heart makes their decision, their world as they have known it ends. Some are finding everlasting life and their old world is slipping away as they accept the Son. Others are rejecting the Son and their only hope of salvation is gone. They become as good as dead men.

The 15th of December was marked in heaven, and earth has come into it's final judgment. Each soul is deciding it's fate.

Terry said...

We live in the moment, and therefore every moment the world just ended. Everything that happened an hour ago, is only a figment of the imagination. As to the Oct. 31 and Dec 15 dates; the gullible “brainwashed” people who watched the film did not notice that neither Michael or any who lived at Strong City said the world would end on a date. That was part of the grand illusion of the film’s maker; he said it, not Michael. I call the Ben Anthony production a fraudumentary, for it was more fiction than fact. It has served its purpose however and the Son of God has been crucified afresh.

CannyCat said...