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Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Mouth Sensitivity

So last week I had my appointment with the Immunologist. I only had to wait 3 MONTHS for the appointment. During this time my food allergies were all over the place. I didn't know what to eat because things that I used to eat every day seemed to be upsetting me. I even had a trip to A&E after eating Quality Street Chocolates!

Actually it's not that funny. It's been a scary journey so far and even now I've seen the Immunologist the future isn't so great. So.... having waited MONTHS for the appointment, of course I was ill the day of it. I woke up the night before with what I will tactfully call gastric flu and spent the day leading up to the appointment feeling half dead.

I arrived at the hospital about 20 minutes early and had to wait for over an hour and quarter to be seen. It's not much fun to wait all that time under normal circumstances but when you're ill it's even worse. I just wanted to lie on the floor and go to sleep! Finally my name was called and I stumbled into his office.

Inside I had an audience! Not only did I meet the Immunologist but he had a mini-crew with him of a GP and a student planning to study medicine. Nice. After repeating my story that I have been telling my GP for months he suggested I have some more blood tests. I'm not sure whether he tested me for anything new but it took 6 vials of blood and plenty of drama to get them for him. Oh yes, and another 40 minute wait for them to take my blood.

By this time the Immunologist was clearly desperate to make his way home because he kept asking if I'd had my blood taken yet. When I went back in I was given his official verdict so far... oral food sensitivity. It sounds kind of rude and it's not a lot of fun. Basically I am not supposed to eat ANY raw fruit or vegetables. At all.

Most people I have told this to have responded with "Oh I wish I had that!" because they clearly need an excuse not to eat fresh food. For me, this is devastating. I absolutely hate not having fresh fruit and salads. I used to easily pack away 7 portions per day with lots of apples etc. throughout the day as snacks. Not any more. I am having to re-learn how to eat to all intents and purposes. I can't even drink fruit juice, eat salad that comes in sandwiches or eat healthy snacks. I am sure there are healthy options but in the meantime I am stuck having to take vitamin pills which I hate and lots of piriton (an anti-histamine). Not so great really.

The one slight glimmer of hope is that it's been decided that it's unlikely I am allergic to prawns and seafood so as soon as the blood tests confirm that I am going to go crazy at the fish counter in Waitrose!! Or maybe go to somewhere delicious for sushi. Best to focus on that happy thought for now.

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