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Sunday, 3 August 2008

Getting Old

Never have I thought of myself as particularly hip or cool. I've just plodded along doing what I fancy and never being a slave to peer pressure etc. (at least that how I felt) Anyway HTB (hubby to be) and I had a week off at home, since we're saving up for our big day. I'd imagined days of lazing in front of the tv, eating junk and staying up late i.e. pretending we're students for a week. But no. Instead we had an exciting week of kitchen painting, mattress buying and visiting relatives. It sounds dire, and yet, at the time it was boring at all. It was only when we talked about what his colleagues will think when he goes back after a week off. No wild nights out getting smashed, dancing, going to cool bars and nightclubs. Oh no.

Is this what getting old is? Is this how life gets? I was really excited about the new colour of the kitchen walls! Please help, I need to regress!

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Simon said...

yet, at the time it was boring at all

Typo I think my love? do you mean "It wasn't boring at all"