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Sunday, 3 August 2008

Blueangel crafts

During the last few months work has been quiet so I thought I would fill my evenings with something I love: crafting. Inspiration hit to start my own scrapbooking/craft meeting each month to share ideas and meet some more people who live locally with similar interests. So Blueangel crafts was born.

I spent many hours preparing craft kits, making ads, I even paid a friend to make me a logo etc. The big night came... and I was sorely disappointed. Only 5 people turned up, and of those only one was really serious about crafting. The other four had never made anything before. I almost wept with disappointment as I'd worked so hard to plan the 'perfect' meeting.

In hindsight the night was really great fun. The people who were there were a real laugh, which is the main point, I guess. Plus since then there have been loads of enquiries so perhaps I'll take the plunge and book myself some more sessions. Next time I might even break-even!

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