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Saturday, 18 October 2008

The baby's ill!

Our little cat has been really ill this week. He nearly died on Sunday and then during the week we were given the option of paying through the nose or having him put down. We have paid for him to have all the treatment he needs and we're still just sitting with him with our fingers crossed.
I always thought people were mad to get to upset when they lost a pet, but now I understand. There have been tears and a general air of sadness in the house this week, which is really awful.
He's had an operation and needs to recuperate over the weekend so we're in charge of caring for him. We have to check various things every FOUR hours - even through the night. I thought I was tired last night but it's nothing to how tired I am now
I am not sure I could have children if this is how stressful it is when they're ill. Keep your fingers crossed for the baby/cat!

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