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Saturday, 18 October 2008

House selling

Another exciting development this month is we've put our house on the market. We've found one we like up the road so we thought we'd see if we can sell our house to buy this one! It's only been a couple of weeks and we've had a few viewings but this has also been stressful.
For those of you who know me in person, I am not a tidy person. My idea of tidying up is to put everything into a pile and hope it disappears. It's been tough to have everything put away all the time. Even in the kitchen I have to keep everything all nice and clean. It's killing me! So the sooner we sell and can get moving the better.

Obviously a big barrier to us moving is the state of the economy. Or maybe I should re-phrase that into the state of the economy according to the scare-mongering media. Yes, I agree prices have gone up and that we're likely to go into recession at some point but I am getting sick to death of all the news stories implying that the world is about to end.

Even if the world is about to end, there really is no point in getting everyone into a complete frenzy over it. Recession is a natural thing to occur and we should be grateful that it's not happened before now as we're due one approximately every 20 years. But really, what is the point in making everyone sad and fearful when there is actually little anyone can do?

I think that we'll probably go into a recession quicker because of the media. People are cancelling plans and putting spending on hold. That is just the kind of behaviour that will push our country into a recession. I guess the only up-side to all this Credit Crunch hoo-haa is that we're not having to hear quite so much about the US election!

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