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Saturday, 18 October 2008

New job update

September flew by. The new job has been going well and there has been a lot going on.
I was surprised with the new job with how different it is from my last one. Before, I was in a comprehensive for children aged 11-18. Now I'm at a College so most of the kids are older.
I have been shocked with some of the kids at my new College. I have been used to a variety of kids, mostly pleasant but many of them with problems.
I figured moving to work at a College would mean I wouldn't have such issues to deal with. Surrey is, after all, prosperous. However with that other problems are brought to light. For example, those kids who are used to being molly-coddled and having their coursework written for them have had a shock. I don't do that.
Then there are the kids who think that they are the bees-knees. I'm not sure they all have the same reasons for behaving like that but they all need sorting out too. They can't wait til March when they get their first set of AS results back to realise that they need to knuckle down.
However there are still the majority of kids who are similar to those I taught before: motivated, friendly and hard-working. They just seem to be lost amongst the others.

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