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Sunday, 2 March 2008

Random Sunday tea

Tonight we wanted some quick food as we’d spent quite a lot of time preparing a nice lunch for Mothers Day. So I picked out some bits we’d bought recently to see what we could create.
Yesterday I bought my first plantain after seeing a tv show where they’d been fried lightly in oil. I thought it sounded easy enough. When I went to the Caribbean food shop the owner advised me to buy a really black one as this would give a better flavour. I took her advice but was lucky that it was left alone long enough in my kitchen to be eaten – it was very nearly added straight to the compost heap! I discovered that plantains are very tasty. To finish off the fried plantain I added salt and chilli flakes. Delicious. I can only imagine how good it would taste with some spicy chicken or something.
Oddly our meal featured no meat and the only animal product was a small amount of butter used on the okra (ladies fingers). I am madly in love with okra this weekend. I had some yesterday deep fried with chilli, salt, mango powder and garam masala added. They were so good that I went back and bought some more today. I had read here about frying okra in butter. I actually dry fried the okra and then added a teaspoon of butter at the end with a pinch of salt. Oh my gosh it was tasty. I can’t wait to get my hands on some more okra!
The other thing we ate was a noodle dish with ginger, oyster sauce, swiss chard, bamboo shoots and spring onions. It was not my best effort though to be fair. Oh well, we live and learn. It got eaten so that’s the main thing.

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