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Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Tofu steak dinner

I have never been a huge fan of tofu. I have one tofu recipe that I love: fake cheesecake. It's the best recipe EVER for when you are trying to lose weight or you want to eat less dairy. I've served it to loads of people without them knowing it's dairy free except that you don't ever feel over-full or sick after eating a massive piece of it!
However I felt it was time to expand my tofu eating habits as it's so good for you and it features a lot in the Japanese cookbooks I've been reading. On Sunday I bought a piece of fresh tofu and cooked it as a tofu "steak". It was divine! Just rolled it in some seasoned flour and then shallow fried it in garlic oil. We ate it with spiced miso soup, steamed rice, pickles and stir-fried veggies. Honestly, it's a wonder I bother with meat at all, it was so tasty. I never knew tofu could be so scrummy.

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