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Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Shabu shabu style pork

Yesterday I went on a course up in London. Luckily it was a nice short course but not worth dashing back to school after since by the time I got there the school day would be over. Hooray for the freedom! So instead I went shopping. What kind of shopping.... clothes shopping perhaps? Oh no, not me! I went FOOD shopping.I spent a few happy hours going around the Japanese food shops and treated myself to some nice delicaces. I ended up coming home and attempting to make shabu shabu style pork. It's traditionally a broth which is heated at the table and people cook meat, fish and veggies in it, rather like the European fondue. Sadly I do not have a flame for the broth so instead I cooked the veggies beforehand and then the broth was so hot and the meat SO fine that it cooked in the residual heat. We had mushrooms, purple sprouting broccoli leaves, glass noodles (made of sweet potato) and TOFU! Yes, tofu was back on the menu. It was so tasty.
We ate it with pickled aubergine (not a great fan, to be honest), pickled daikon and ginger and endamame (soy beans in the pod). I also made a couple of sauces to go with it for dipping: one of sesame and one citrus/soy sauce. I can't wait to go to London and buy more food like that because it was a real feast.

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