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Wednesday, 16 January 2008

eBay crazy

Since before Christmas I have been saving up items to sell on eBay; it’s basically clearing some space for the new stuff that’s arrived as there isn’t enough space for everything. Being an enterprising Business teacher I thought I would try and cash in on the situation.
I’d sold stuff on eBay before but generally it was quite worthless stuff. Now I have unwanted DS games, new shoes etc. and these items are worth something. So, on they went to eBay. Shockingly they sold! My strategy was to see just how much demand there was by putting everything on for 99p, that way many people added it to their ‘Watching’ list and hopefully will come back and bid. The strategy has worked well so far. I cannot believe people have paid good money for things I did not want in the first place.
I have now become obsessed with thinking of things to sell on eBay because I know that when Sunday rolls around I am going to have an urge to put something up for sale… perhaps I will be able to achieve the minimalist look after all?!

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