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Tuesday, 8 January 2008

My first proper Bento boxes

I thought I would try my hand at making a bento box after being inspired by my favourite bento website: It came out pretty well and my BF was pleased with his too. The box contains:
· Quail egg chicks – hard-boiled quail eggs that were peeled and decorated with black sesame seed eyes and carrot skin beaks
· Soya bean cocktail sticks – the beans were boiled for a couple of minutes in water, cooled and then threaded onto the sticks
· Simmered root veggies – one carrot, potato and turnip boiled in water, sake, dashi stock powder and a drop of soy sauce
· Sushi rice rolls – vingeared sushi rice rolled in nori (seaweed) and cut into little logs. I added some pickled ginger and wasabi decorations to make it look a little but more interesting.
I’m really proud of it and I hope to try my hand at making a few more. I’m in that mode now so I should make the most of it.

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