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Sunday, 13 January 2008

Non-Raw Food Diet

On Firday night I watched a documentary on C4 about people who live on a Raw Food Diet. There are loads of websites online about this and I have looked into eating this way before my allergies kicked off.
So instead I watched this programme about people who only eat raw food, no wheat, dairy, meat or other animal products. They don't heat their food above 45 degrees Celsius either. All I could think about was how, even if I wanted to, I could never eat this way. My sensitivity is now so strong that even having wasabi with some suishi rice is enough to melt my tongue.
It's kind of brought home how restricted I've become. Eating out is now a minefield - it's amazing how many garnishes are tossed about on dishes. Strawberries cut up on the plate next to the dessert, bits of lettuce and tomato next to a starter. Plus you don't know what is in anything. It's really quite scary. Is there anyone else having to eat a non-raw food diet? If there are, I've not had much luck finding them online. It's a bit lonely really.
PS - that is not my tongue! I think that should have been evident as I don't have stubble all over my face either but it's probably better to clarify.

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