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Friday, 13 April 2007

Look like a junkie!

Well... sort of. This morning i went to the doc for a check up and as i've been under the weather the doc suggested taking some blood. All very well, or so you'd think. I went up to the nurse's office in a freezing attic space, shivering in my flipflops and 3/4 length jeans. The nurse seemed really nice and we had a nice chat about her daughter at uni. Meanwhile my arms were being punctured! It took 3 goes before she hit the jackpot so I am left with a few holes in my elbow crease. Very sexy! Luckily it wasn't painful.
Fortunately I went off to Basginstoke shopping with Mum and sis to take my mind off it, and we had a great time checking out the clothes in the shops for this summer. I got a lovely dress and had a nice lunch at Wagamamma's. If you've not been you have to go there. It's amazing. The menu is so hard to choose from because everything sounds delish. They also have a few cookbooks which I've slowly been working my way through. Gyoza are the food of the Gods!!!!

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Han said...

are you healthy? xxx