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Monday, 16 April 2007

Summer Term started

Crazily it's already the summer term, so this morning I got up at the crack of dawn. I actually thought it was the middle of the night, as it was still a bit dark and a far cry from the 11.30am starts I've become accustomed to. Still, the weather was warm and sunny so I slipped on a cotton skirt and sandals and leapt out the door. Thank goodness the weather held. I looked far more tropical than the rest of the staff so tomorrow I've sworn myself to being far more restrained and digging out some winter style clothes.

The day was far less hellish than I'd geared myself up for so with the residual energy I concocted my gift for my friend. She's got a baby and wants to know how to make him his first birthday cake so I gathered together all the necessary equipment and ingredients for her to try it out!! Thinking I was being clever I stuffed everything into a large-ish copier paper box, which unfortunately had no lid. Simple, thought I, just wrap paper over the top: problem solved. Oh no... this took 2 people a good 15 minutes to wrap and even then it looked as though a toddler had been let loose with a reel of tape and paper with no scissors. Ah if only...

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