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Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Scrapbook club

After school art/journaling/scrapbooking class has begun! Last week was the kick off. Disappointingly only 2 takers but this week we hope to have recruited more. The 2 girls that turned up were really keen on the project and had a good time looking through examples and discussing ideas. This week we hope to start them off preparing their pages and maybe formulating ideas onto paper of their desired layout.
This has given me a real creative boost and I’ve completed a number of projects. Last night I got really frustrated while I was looking for a box of photos. After an hour I had a brainwave… maybe they were at my parents! Spontaneously I dashed out of the house, scaring the poor cat as I ran off in a whirlwind. Sadly I only found some old photos I’d forgotten about but it was nice to catch up with the oldies.
My brother’s saga continues as it turns out the nurse was really very defensive when asked about the incident. A stroppy letter has been sent off so we’ll have to wait and see what happens there.
Anyway back to the scrapbooking! I found a really old scrapbook that I started literally years ago. This was before I’d found out you could get top-loading pages that allowed you to work on a sheet and then slide it into place. Instead, I worked in a traditional photo album. The kind you were only allowed to look at when you were a child if you promised that you had only just washed your hands. The work is, to put it mildly, poor. Fortunately I seemed to know that at the time so I hadn’t stuck all the photos down. Now I have the fun of creating new pages to put these photos on. It includes stuff about my birthdays (14th, 18th etc) and trips and school bits and bobs. Hopefully all these examples of work and magazines that I’ve got should spark some imagination into the kids at school and we’ll get some magnificent work.

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Kanigget said...

You are holding a scrapbooking class?? I wish the schools I went to would have done things like that!