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Friday, 20 April 2007

Yay it's the weekend

Hurrah it's the weekend already. Today I spent lots of time marking so my eyes hurt. Sadly I only got half way through! This week went fast & it's quite nice to know there is no need to get up at such a ridiculous hour for two mornings. You can see a photo of my fruit bag. It was more exciting to look at than the box but it's like Christmas when it arrives. So much to see.

There was something weird that happened to my bro today. He's going on a trip to Kenya in a few weeks so he went to have some jabs done. He went in with a friend for the talk and then they were jabbed. Unfortunately the nurse jabbed him with an empty needle... that had just been in his friend's arm! More scary than that is that she didn't really do anything more than briefly apologise. You can imagine in the USA how all the lawyers would be loving a case like that. Anyway, my Mum (a nurse) went mad and rang around to ensure they followed the correct procedures and he got some emergency blood test. It's highly unlikely it will be anything bad but you need to check, right? Silly nurse. I was livid when I heard her reaction. She wouldn't have bothered having him tested or even filling in the paperwork!! ARGH. Look out for an update.

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