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Friday, 20 April 2007

Soundtrack to my life

This might get edited over time but this what I'd have

Opening Credits: Real World - Matchbox 20

Waking Up: Local boy in the photograph - Stereophonics

First Day At School: There she goes - the La's

Falling In Love: Nightswimming - REM

Fight Song: I predict a riot - The Kaiser Chiefs

Breaking Up: With or without you - U2

Prom: Let me entertain you - Robbie Williams

Life: Bluetonic - the Bluetones

Making babies: I wanna have your babies - Natasha Bedingfield (!)

Mental Breakdown: Song 2 - Blur

Driving: Living for the weekend - Hard-fi

Flashback: I still remember - Bloc Party

Getting back together: Patience - Take That

Wedding: Wonderwall - Oasis

Birth of Child: When you dream - Barenaked Ladies

Final Battle: Evaporated - Ben Folds Five

Death Scene: Winter - Tori Amos

Funeral Song: In my life - The Beatles

End Credits: Exit Music - Radiohead


Kanigget said...

(I don't know your policy on commenting, but...)Awesome list! There is something about John Lennon and funeral songs.

Han said...

Excellent choice c8!! One q: will you be listening to BNL actually AS your child is being born?! Or when it's all over, you're stitched up and it's quietly sleeping?! Cos for the birth it's gotta be worth considering:
*REM The Great Beyond: 'I'm pushing an elephant up the stairs...'
*Will Young: Leave right now
* Meatloaf: Bat out of hell

etc, etc. Perhaps I'm scarred by (non-personal!) experience! xxx

blueangel said...

I love the REM suggestion! Not sure about the other two...
I must have been thinking about the gas/air stuff they give you making me trippy and dreamy rather than the gruesome reality so I thought BNL might be good.