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Sunday, 8 April 2007

Wedding before Easter

Last week we took a trip to Scotland to go to a friend's wedding. As money is tight we decided to drive there; it was a long trip - about 8 hours each way. We set off early on Wednesday morning and stopped off at Lancaster (after about 4 hours) at 10am for a trip down memory land. Sadly I stupidly did not take my camera so there are no photos but it was great to see so many familiar places. Marco's restaurant is still going strong (the menu does not seem to have changed even though I left 3 years ago!), and we also went to Brophy's Cafe, Half Price or Less and Single Step Co-Op. It was superb. Plus the weather was kind and it was sunny. We also took a quick drive around the uni buildings. Lancaster University has changed a great deal - the number of buildings must have almost doubled!
The first night we went to a pre-dinner meal and tried our first authentic taste of haggis. It was quite nice and reminded me a lot of black pudding. The next day we got up a bit later and went into Crieff town centre to look around. It's a quaint place with lots of pretty shops. Before we knew it, it was time to go to the church for the wedding ceremony itself. The church was not in Crieff but in a tiny hamlet about 25 minutes drive away. We were really glad that we'd driven at that point as we were comfortable in our own car. Anyway the ceremony was very sweet, especially since the bride's Dad is a vicar so he actually married the couple!

We went on to the reception which was very grand and lastly there was a traditional Scottish dancing band with caller and everything. It was so much fun and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves.

Sadly the next day we had to leave and come back home but it was such a great trip. We met some interesting people. The groom is from Malawi and is quite a famous popstar. You can hear some of his music from his page.

I guess that's about all for now... However, I have made a lot of changes to the blog including more photos and pictures so feel free to take a look back at the past posts to see more.


Little Miss Moi said...

That looks beautiful. And cold, I'm sure!

blueangel said...

Surprisingly warm actually. I went up there with loads of jumpers to find it was about 20 degrees C for the wedding!