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Monday, 8 January 2007


I just love them! For those who have not heard of them they are basically Japanese lunchboxes. But unlike normal lunchboxes with nasty white bread peanut butter sandwiches and bashed up bananas, the Japanese take pride in making them beautiful. I have only made one and stupidly I was so excited I ate it already before I remembered I’d wanted to take a photo! Still there are loads of inspirational websites to look at to get ideas and I hope to post some photos soon of my creations. Websites I really like are:Bento Corner and

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Mahek said...

Thanks for visiting my blog
how did you come to know of my blog?
and that gives me an opportunity to read yours!!!
its such a coincidence that i have been obsessed by these bento sites for the last couple of months since i found about it .
i have many great bento sites which are a great inspiration for bento lovers like us.
i would love to mail them to you
if only i could know your id
pls let me know