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Sunday, 7 January 2007

I'm a SAD-o

You may (or may not) have noticed this little title underneath the main page title. It refers to something I have each year at around this time... Seasonal Affective Disorder. Or at least that is what the doc says. Anyway it's a pretty annoying affliction; basically I'm a miserable old trout for the first couple of months of the year. I think it's a combination of rubbish weather, cold short days and the end of the festive season. So this year my New Year's Resolution is to stop the darn thing taking hold of my life. I was given one of those lights to sit under for an hour each day and I am making a conscious effort to go outside and get up and DO something. This is a real challenge and I shall post updates. I imagine it'll be quite an up and down sort of ride and things are rarely straightforward, are they?

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