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Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Eco-Living vs Saving Money

I’ve become really interested in living a less environmentally harmful way. However, the tension lies in going for the cheap option (from big companies like Tesco – did you know £1 in every £8 spent in the UK is spent in Tesco! How disturbing is that?!) and then the environmentally-kinder option which is generally much more expensive. I’ve found some excellent websites but usually in order to be lower cost you have to buy masses at once. At least this saves on the postage and carbon emissions from shipping.
Oddly the big companies have started stocking organic versions of items and fair trade, but it is those very companies that are pushing producers to use chemicals in the non-organic farming. Surely they could just call a truce. Prices might rise a few pence but overall the customers would love it. This leads me to think that these multinationals are simply cashing in on consumers desire for organic/fair trade produce and charging them excessively. Not something I want to be a part of.
In the long term I see myself buying more and more online but when you have run out of something and really need it, what else is there to do?

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mark said...

I think it's great you want to live in a more environmentally friendly way. Maybe it's the difference between the places that we live, or something else, but I believe that buying locally is an important part of environmentally friendly living. It saves on the petrol, the money benefits the local economy, and it strengthens the local community. I put stock in "Think Globally, Act Locally." Whatever you do, best of luck!