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Monday, 8 January 2007

This isn’t something I would usually take part in but….

Yes I gave in. I cannot give a number of how many round-robin text messages I’ve received lately but I thought with the latest one that I would pass it on instead of deleting it immediately. It was something along the lines of: Send this back and describe me in one word. Then forward it to 10 more people and see what they say about you. I thought “what the heck! Why not?” And the responses have been … interesting. The first 3 responses all began with ‘f’ which freaked me out a bit – were they all doing it on purpose? Anyway they were fidgety, feisty and friendly. I liked those ones. Then I was given daft, which is not so complimentary but often true. But then it went back to f’s with funny, which is not something I had considered myself before so I was quite pleased with that one. The last 2 were unique and gorgeous (guess who said that last one?!) So there we are… a little insight into what people think. It’s quite an interesting idea really. I mean, it could have turned out more depressing e.g. annoying, incessant etc. I suppose that is why you send it to friends rather than random numbers. I wonder what my students would have written.... then again maybe that is better left unsaid!

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