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Monday, 22 January 2007

Veg Box

After many months of um-ing and ah-ing we've done it! We've ordered our very own organic fruit and veg box which should be delivered on Wednesday!! It will hopefully really increase our intake of fruit and veg and cut down on our wasteful, extravagent trips to the supermarket. It should mean we can just buy milk and eggs every couple of weeks until we've eaten EVERYTHING out of the freezer.
They sell loads of other things. The best thing is that they distribute their stuff from local places so there are fewer carbon miles. We chose a medium box because that had loads of stuff grown in the UK and it's nice to think we're eating what's in season.
To add to our virtuous new pledge we've installed a giant compost bin in the back garden. Luckily the wall hides it quite well and it's quite exciting to think that we'll have made something so useful. Now it's just a case of eating our way to a healthy diet and a gorgeous garden.

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mark said...

Awesome! I'm eager to hear how you like it. Well done on the buying local stuff too!